Friday, August 2, 2013

National Back-to-School Month

By Terry Orr

While driving to Silver Diner for breakfast this morning - our local all news radio station mentioned that one local school district starts their new school year today – while two other major areas would begin the last week of August and the remaining school districts after Labor Day.

So many things to consider and to get accomplished in a short time – clothes, supplies, health (eyes, shots, physicals, hearing, and more), new routines (study, sleep, early wake ups, packing backpacks, et al) and getting into the right, positive attitude – to name a few.

There is significant amount of help online – local, state, federal, organizations, blogs and websites to satisfy almost everyone.  Some of those are provided below under Resources, References, Links and Tips section below.

Many folks will be able to tailor a couple of the checklist to meet most of their individual needs.  We highly recommend checking with each school your children will be attending for any specific requirements – such as what foods can be brought; clothing restrictions; medical and medicines requirements; schedules and points of contacts.

Safety is once again an important topic to review with the whole family to cover any new material and refresh everyone the importance of Think Safety First.  Safety Checklist from the National Safety Council has an excellent list and here are some highlights:

Transportation Safety
Walking to School
Riding a bicycle to School
Riding the bus to School

School Safety
Preventing backpack-related injuries
Preventing playground-related injuries

There are other important manners to consider as well:

Check-ups and Immunizations
Take your child in for a physical and eye exam before school starts
Make sure your child’s immunization shots are up-to-date
Keep your child’s health documentation handy

Plan Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches
Huge challenge these days with all the do’s and don’ts regarding what a child is allowed to bring their lunch – due to allergies and other health related issues.  Breakfast is such an important meal – and having a hot one has so many benefits.  Many kids are out of the house by 7 AM – so when do they find time for that all-important meal of the day?
So Mom and Dad, how do you resolve this dilemma?
Have you already got your planning activities undercontrol?

Resources, References and Links:

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