Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syria Crisis

America Involvement in Syria's Civil War - Why Now?

Commentary by Terry Orr

Over one hundred thousand men, women and children have been killed in Syria without any intervention to bring this atrosity to an end and someone uses chemical weapons and now it is important to intervene?  Is this the message we want to send our children? It's ok to kill - just don't use chemicals?

Come on folks - it is time to grow up and work together to solve this problem.  Sending cruise missiles, dropping bombs and otherwise inflection additional lost of life does absolutely NOTHING to resolve the problem.  Why not take someone out to the wood shed and whip them - that might get  a reaction form someone.

How would you feel if another country decided to attack America for all its wrong doing of a few individuals or groups of people?

There is NO PROOF that Syrian President Bashir al-Assad had anything to do with the use of Chemical Weapons - yet our political leadership is hell-bent on military action.  If, there were actual proof - beyond a shadow of doubt the the Syrian Government was behind the chemical attacks - I would jump on the band wagon that the United Nations needs to take immediate action.

Mark Mooney wrote an excellent article "Key Players in Syrian Civil War" on September 4, 2013 here - a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the players.

What are your thoughts?

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