Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brown Bag it Day

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By Diane Forrest

A few years ago when I was in Elementary school, I attended a small school that had no cafeteria.  We all brought our lunch to school every day in brown bags with our names on it.  Of course at lunch we would always trade items with each other, and it was always fun to see what surprises the other kids had in their bags.  It’s hard enough to get kids to eat properly, allowing them to eat the foods they were accustomed to allowed them the opportunity to some nutrition to be able to function, instead of skipping meals altogether.

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I recently read where the government is getting more involved with the children's lunches.  While it is good to monitor what the cafeterias provide in the lunches, it’s not a good idea to prevent them from bringing their own food from home.  Some children not only have specific dietary needs, but also have different food allergies that may or may not be accommodated by the school cafeterias.

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There are many benefits to bringing your lunch to school or work.  They include:

  • Less Expensive
  • Less Calories and More Control over Nutrition
  • Easy Way to Eat Leftovers
  • More Time on Your Lunch Break
  • Less Gas is used (If you drive)

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Now that the weather has warmed up its even better to take your lunch.  You can pop outside for a picnic and enjoy time relaxing in the fresh air.  During the Month of May in the town I live in we have Music Festival Month.  There is a big production on the weekends, and during the week the performers put on shows at local schools, some churches and even brown bag concerts in the local parks. It is so relaxing to sit in a park, eat lunch and listening to some wonderful music.

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However there is a drawback when you brown bag it.  There is always a risk that someone will chow down on your lunch when your back is turned.  I saw these great sandwich bags online.  When you put your sandwich in one it appears there is mold on it.  That should keep any would be hamburgler away from your meal.

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Today is Brown Bag it Day.  Why not pack up a lunch and head outside during lunch time and rest, relax, listen to some music or read a book and enjoy a stress free meal break.

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