Sunday, January 27, 2013

National Blueberry Pancake Day – 2013 Update

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By Terry Orr

Blueberry pancakes, egg whites and bacon crispy please.” One of my favorite meals for breakfast that I order at the Silver Diner in Fair Lakes, Virginia – an excellent place to eat. Yummy and so delicious!
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The average person spends just 4 minutes a day eating breakfast.
Pancakes have been featured in cookbooks since 1439.
The French pancake is called a crêpe. It is thin and often served with sweet or savory fillings.
Blinis are pancakes from Russia that are served with caviar and sour cream or folded over and filled with cream cheese or jam.
The world’s largest pancake was cooked in Rochdale, England, in 1994. It was 15 meters in diameter and had an estimated 2 million calories
Ralf Laue holds the world’s pancake tossing record. He flipped a pancake 416 times in just two minutes!
With just 80 calories per cup and virtually no fat, blueberries offer many noteworthy nutritional benefits.
According to nutrition expert Tina Ruggiero, as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, blueberries help reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as the accumulation of belly fat.
According to the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, laboratory studies show a diet including blueberries may improve motor skills and reverse the short-term memory loss that comes with aging or age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
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One of the beauties of eating blueberry pancakes – you can have them any way you like – cooked in the pancakes, on top or side, favorite batter, - and any time of the day!  We enjoy having a ‘breakfast’ dinner a couple times each month and this is one of those meals.

How do you like your Blueberry Pancakes?
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