Tuesday, January 22, 2013

National Pie Day - 2013

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By Chef Terry

What is a Pie?

According to Wikipedia:
A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.

Pies are defined by their crusts. A filled pie (also single-crust or bottom-crust), has pastry lining the baking dish, and the filling is placed on top of the pastry, but left open. A top-crust pie, which may also be called a cobbler, has the filling in the bottom of the dish and the filling covered with a pastry or other covering before baking. A two-crust pie has the filling completely enclosed in the pastry shell. Flaky pastry is a typical kind of pastry used for pie crusts, but many things can be used, including baking powder biscuits, mashed potatoes, and crumbs.

Pies can be a variety of sizes, ranging from bite-size to ones designed for multiple servings.

How many kinds of Pies are there?
There is no clear answer to that question, though some folks/organization have attempted to that question.  They ranged from nine to a million to infinite number of possibilities.

What is the best estimate on when Pies were known to be eaten?
While Wikipedia and other resource indicate that date being around 9500 BC, Egyptian – but as we begin getting a better understanding of other cultures, Native Americans, for example, Pies may have been around much earlier.

What your favorite pie says about you?
by Ericka Lynn , posted Nov 25 2011 3:58PM
Wholesome and a bit middle of the road, playing it safe.
Banana Cream
An overachiever who just wants to relax and not be in charge.
Outdoorsy and determined.
Oversweet, in need of tartness and passion.
Suave, seductive, strong, addictive.
Coconut Cream
Probably a man seeking an exotic-lite escape from reality.
Bright, energetic and sharp-tongued.
An Anglophile who watches Masterpiece Theater, listens to NPR and fantasizes about being in England, sipping port with pie.
A sun worshiper who's found sunshine on a pie plate.
Simple in your tastes and seeking more sweetness in life.
Attached to your past but comfy in your present.
Old-fashioned (or a total hipster).
Sweet Potato
Family-oriented with a real sense of Southern hospitality.
(Written by Food Network's Gale Gand.)

What is your favorite(s) kind of pie?

Pies have been family favorites for decades and there numbers significant as well as excellent eating with good friends and kin folks. Unsure that I could just have one favorite pie myself – there are so many that are just plain good.  I am sure to say thank you each and every time and look forward to the next one.  Please do not forget that wonderful scoop of ice cream with you pie. Yum!!!

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