Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting it Together - 2013

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By Terry Orr

Last year in our “Getting it Together” article, I mention my desire/goal to move more into the digital environment and rely less on paper.  Short version – it is still ‘a work-in-progress’.  Both my wife and I are trying to enter our appointments and activities into our iPhone – but we both forget sometimes and like others, find conflicts from time to time.  The other challenge is keeping my contacts up to date on all our devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Windows Laptop and desktop).
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There are seven articles planned for January on helping us get organized (probably more needed for some of us folks). This is article – “Getting it together – update 2013” is an overview with the following topic specific articles to follow:
Get Organized Month;
Clean off your Desk;
Organize your Home Day;
National Clean Up your Computer;
Clean out your Email Box; and
Home Office Safety and Security.
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I might be inclined to seek some help this year – shocker I know – but it just might be money well spent.  Instead – I spend four hours in the garage and it shows it – in a positive way no less.  I’ll still keep an open mind about seeking help – some of the other challenges may require an expert.

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