Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Healthy Weight Week – Excellent Info

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By Terry Orr

Of all the articles that I have read over the years and counsel received - this is probably the best advice one can share!

During Healthy Weight Week, hide your scale, do not peek at a height and weight chart, and avoid body mass index (BMI) calculations. Love yourself, love your body. Change your thinking and focus on these goals:

·        Accept your weight and embrace who you are.
·        Set realistic health guidelines for yourself.
·        Focus on positive lifestyle changes.
·        Appreciate yourself. Create positive relationships with family, friends, and food.
·        Change your thoughts: Erase negative thoughts and begin positive self-talk: "I am beautiful.”
·        Enjoy your eating experience by eating a variety of foods. Do not diet or obsess on food, weight, or calories. Eat when hungry, stop when full.
·        Move your body. Enjoy a hobby or turn up the tunes and dance.
·        Relax. Take time out for yourself.

If you enjoy Healthy Weight Week, don't stop at one week, make lasting lifestyle changes forever! [Source: Shape]

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