Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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By Diane Forrest

When my brother was in high school, he acquired a fondness for drawing.  He took an art class in school, and became quite good at drawing flowers and fruit and still life.  I on the other hand have trouble staying within the lines while coloring a picture.  I love art, and I get thrilled when someone I know is artistic, I consider them like a rock star.  My cousin's daughter is 13.  She has developed a talent for painting and drawing.  I take a certain amount of pride in her achievements since I gave her one of her first sets of colors.

Art can be found everywhere.  Art is not just drawing or painting.  Art is music, acting, photographs, anything that pleases your eyes, ears and other senses.

While I can't draw, I love to sing.  I participated in the school and church choirs since I was small.  As I grew older, I sang in my church's choir, and continued singing until my husband became disabled.  He would love to watch me sing, and would tell me I looked like an angel.  I haven't been able to make it back to the choir since his death, but I am hoping to ease my way back.  Music is so emotional for me, and I sometimes find myself sobbing during particularly moving songs.
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My son is so entertaining.  When he was younger he could produce tears at the drop of a hat, and the next instant be rolling with laughter.  I always told him he should be an actor, and he participated in a few skits at school and church.  He has a rare gift of making people laugh.

Since my father retired he spends alot of time in his wood shop.  He has learned how to make beautiful furniture and turn wooden pens on his lathe.  A local reporter recently published a five page article and pictures of his works, and that article has drummed up alot of "business" for him.  He doesn’t sell his works of art, however if someone wants something he makes, he will "sell" something for a donation to the local Children's Home.
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Today is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.  Art can be found everywhere you look...whether it’s a painting, photograph, music or architecture. Even the worn lines in a person's face or the pink cheeks on an infant, all of these will bring a smile to your heart or tears down your face.  So, today, take some time to look around you, take a stroll down your town's downtown area, and look at the buildings.  If you have a museum, walk around there and take a look around. Maybe you will even be inspired to show a little of your artistic side.  It’s never too late to get started, after all, Grandma Moses was in her 70's when she started painting, and she became one of the country's best selling artists!  Find your inspiration today.

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