Monday, January 14, 2013

Organize Your Home Day – 2013

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By Terry Orr

Today and this week will be chaos at its best.

Monday – Painters arrive to paint family room and the Electrician and his helper begin process of installing our new natural gas generator.

Tuesday – Carpet installers arrive to install new carpet in family room; electrician and helper continue installation; maids arrive to clean remainder of home.

Wednesday – Electrician and helper turn off electrical power 4-5 hours for final electrical work on generator.

Thursday – handy man and crew arrive to install new mirror over fireplace, install new baseboards, and assemble and anchor new bookcases in family room.

Friday – is backup day is something fails to be completed earlier in the week.

In addition, on Monday I will attempt to finish organizing our laundry and pantry room – been a work in progress. That will be about all I’ll get done on getting our home organized this day – but something will be done in that regard.
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My normal daily routine around home since retiring is pick up any clutter, take out the trash, do the laundry as needed.  Dishes are done daily.  Yet I still need a good helper from time to time to move those things too big or heavy – and a fresh mind and eyes to give me different ideas on how to organize things a bit better. That is also a work in progress.
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I am somewhat old school and believe in keeping this simple – putting my car and house keys in the same place each and (almost) every time – same with coats, sweaters, etc. Sure saves me time and some frustrating moments.
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Over the past couple of years, I have read several articles on organization of the home, office, computers notebooks…yadda, yadda…but the point is – we have to take that first step to act upon those good ideas.

My quick search on for books on “Organizing your home” yielded 625 books.
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Getting one’s home organized for a day is really not all that difficult – the real challenge come trying to keep in neat and organized. Since January is all about getting ourselves, homes, computers et al organizes – here’s a tip – just work on one thing at a time, them move to the next item.  Good luck and let us hear your ideas on getting it together.

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