Sunday, January 27, 2013

National Clean Your Computer Month - 2013

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By Terry Orr

January is a great time for your fresh start for the New Year, as mentioned in earlier article regarding getting ourselves organized for the New Year! Like most of you reading this article your computer is an important tool in your life and this is an excellent time to clean it up.
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It is a good time to clean up those files, directories, archive, and defragment, get rid of those unwanted files, cookies, spyware, malware, adware, and back up your computer!  Since I use my computers several hours each day, I have a computer doctor give each computer lots of TLC three or four times a year.
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We have three cats in our home (Isaac, Sassy and Peaches) so vacuuming my home office every other week is a necessity - to ensure my fan intakes are cleaned at the same time.  This also keeps 'dust-bunnies' to a minimum!

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10 Ways to Clean Up Your PC and Digital Life:
Sort your computer files by year;
Find the bottom of your inbox;
Change the passwords for your bank accounts, email accounts, and computer;
Dump Your Cache;
Delete Unnecessary Files;
Offload Some Files (Back Up and Delete);
Tune Up;
Kill off or consolidate old email addresses;
Update your profile picture; and
Turn on the date, time, and location features for your cameras.


  1. This is one thing that people should get in the habit of doing for their computers, whether it’s for their personal use or office workstation. Maybe not as detailed as cleaning the inside of the CPU for your office computer, best leave that to the IT maintenance crew. But cleaning up your files, removing or relocating unneeded files to external storage, clearing caches, and the occasional defragging of your drives, can help improve your computer’s overall performance. Don’t leave it for the computer support staff to do for you. This way, problems like important or unfinished work files being deleted can be avoided.

    Doug Leven

  2. A clean PC will give you a fresh start for working. You can focus on cleaning your PC hardware or you can take time to update your files. You can organize your files in some categories, between urgent and important, and delete those that are not needed. This can save you some space for the new files that you’ll be needing. :)

  3. It's not just cleaning your hardware, but your software as well. You have to focus on files which can be trashed and files that should have some back up. A clean computer also means removing all the unwanted files and having a better plan for data management. The year is about to close again, and I hope we'll all have better storage systems for our important data. :)

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management