Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It is Financial Wellness Month - 2013

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By Terry Orr

Financial Wellness is a wonderful concept and if one can participate all the better.  Fact is that many folks simply cannot! They are living day to day - often wondering where their next meal will come from. I am not talking about those individuals who chose not to work.
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I am writing about those who volunteered to protect our way of live, our freedom and others - making terrible sacrifices - all too often the ultimate by giving their lives to a government that has turned their backs on these people!

I am writing about those hard working individuals who have lost their jobs through mismanagement, government bungling, and outsourcing to other countries.

I am writing about the millions of honest, hardworking people who lost their entire life savings at the hands of greedy financial individuals and the government gross neglect. to my knowledge, not one government person has yet been held accountable for their actions.

 I am writing about the corruption in our elected officials over the past one hundred years.  Stealing money from Social Security and other places - failing to repay those it – and now wanting to refer to it as an entitlement - even though millions of hard working people have been contributing to throughout their entire lives as a benefit. Must be part of that New Congressional Math they have been talking about.  Financial wellness was lost to our citizenry through the greed and corruption of elected officials.

I am writing about the lack of true leadership, integrity, honesty, and doing the right thing!

January is Financial Wellness Month. Few if any of us planned to live in these financial hard times, our budgets stretched and often broke - force to decide between a new pair of shoes or a hot meal for the family.
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January is the start of a new year - perhaps a time of hope, a fresh start, for a better tomorrow.

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