Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peculiar People Day

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By Diane Forrest

When I was younger, I worked at a grocery store.  Every morning, a woman, very tiny and with a thick German accent would come into the store, asking for bad produce.  She would collect bags of spoiled fruits and vegetables, and take them outside and load them on her bike.  We all found this very odd and never really even spoke to her about her requests.

Years later, I learned that this woman had been a holocaust survivor.  She came to collect the produce for the farm animals she raised, and rode the bicycle, because she never learned to drive, and was fiercely independent.  I learned this after she was struck by a car coming home from one of her trips to the grocers, and was killed.

What one may think of as peculiar may be perfectly normal.
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I’m sure everyone knows someone or has a family member that doesn’t seem quite normal, but then again, what is normal?  Today is Peculiar People Day.  Today is not the day to poke fun. On this day we are encouraged to honor peculiar people in our life!  If you look at yourself, you may even notice peculiar traits in you too.  So, today, if you are peculiar, this is your day to be honored and appreciated. Chances are, you will find something peculiar about yourself, if you look hard enough. If you can't find anything peculiar about yourself, then give some recognition and appreciation to your quirky friends and family. 
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Accept everyone in your life for who they are, take the weird along with the normal you will be surprised at the benefits you will get.

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