Saturday, January 19, 2013

Penguin Awareness Day

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By Diane Forrest

With my husband being bedridden for several years, there wasn’t much he was able to do except watch TV.  He wasn't much of a reader, and didn't care for the computer, but he loved movies, and would watch them over and over.  One of the movies he enjoyed watching was called Happy Feet.  It was about a bunch of penguins and their offspring finding their "life song."  Apparently each penguin has their own mating call so they can be recognized by their true love.  Well there was one little penguin who couldn't carry a tune.  Every time he opened his mouth, it sounded like nails on a chalkboard.  Even though he couldn't sing, he sure could dance.  Well the others in his group didn't understand dancing.  No one ever danced before.  But this little penguin's dance ended up saving the whole community, who was in danger of becoming extinct due to lack of food.  The fishing companies were draining the waters from the fish needed for their survival.
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The movie ended with the town being saved, and everyone learning to dance.  I don’t know how accurate the movie was, I am pretty sure that penguins don’t tap-dance, however I do know they are on the endangered list.  There are several things that endanger penguins.  Some of them include:
Oil in the water
Hit by boats
Over fishing
Breaking up of icebergs

Today is Penguin Awareness Day.  Some of the things you can do to help include:
Educate yourself.
Spread the word!
Don't fish in penguin territory.
Don't have any joy rides through penguin territory. This means don't go too fast.
Celebrate penguin awareness day.
Donate to Non-Profit penguin organizations.

Support companies that are ecologically responsible. This means don't purchase goods from companies who aren't. Don't forget to fill your car up with gasoline or petrol from companies who have not had any major oil spills. You may feel like this won't help save the penguins, but it really will. Imagine if everyone who loves penguins refused to place their money into the hands of irresponsible companies. In addition, you can feel better about yourself for the fact that you are not indirectly supporting the problem.
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In honor of penguins today, why not watch the movie Happy Feet, or some other penguin movie.  There is a great scene in Mary Poppins, and the Madagascar movies are great too.  Don’t forget to wear black and white, even a tuxedo if you are feeling a little more sophisticated than usual.

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