Thursday, October 3, 2013

Positive Attitude - Life Choices

By Terry Orr

 Life is about choices – each choice has consequence’s – good and bad – we need to make those decision –our attitude while making those decision are critical in the thought process – and have a positive attitude certainly helps to make the right decision more often. 

Last year, our article “Positive Attitude – Can Do” focused on the importance in thinking positive (  

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman

“Life is a bowl of cherries. Some cherries are rotten while others are good; its your job to throw out the rotten ones and forget about them while you enjoy eating the ones that are good! There are two kinds of people: those who choose to throw out the good cherries and wallow in all the rotten ones, and those who choose to throw out all the rotten ones and savor all the good ones.” C. JoyBell C.

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” J. Sidlow Baxter

“Always strive to aim for the highest peak of the goals in life you have set, this way if you manage to reach even half way toward a goal, landing in the middle is not such a bad place to end up.” Victoria Addino

“The worst disability in life is a bad attitude.” SupaNova Slom

Wake up Early ~ One of the best ways to help you maintain a positive attitude is to create the habit of waking up early.

Exercise ~ Very few things in life leverage your time as much as exercise.

Plan Your Week and Day ~ Having a clear plan to your day and to your week can go a long way to helping you maintain a positive attitude.

Understand that Things Won't Always Go as Planned ~ If you plan and expect everything in life will go as you planned, you will be quickly disappointed.

Be Thankful ~ Take some time and be thankful.

 Remember – wear your smile each day – maintain your positive attitude – and enjoy each and every day of your life.

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