Monday, October 24, 2011

National Bologna Day

By Diane Forrest

My Bologna has a first name
Its O-s-c-a-r
My Bologna has a second name
It’s M-a-y-e-r
Oh I love to eat it every day
and if you ask me why
I'll say
Cause Oscar Mayer has a way
with B-o-l-o-g-n-a
How's that?

I remember when I was a young girl going fishing with my daddy.  The best part of the trip, besides catching the fish, was eating the lunch we packed.  We would get the thick sliced bologna with the red strip around the edges, white bread and mayonnaise.  Never has anything tasted so good, sitting in a boat, on the lake, a pole in the water, and a bologna sandwich.

There is a song by Alan Jackson called I still like Bologna, you can watch it here:

It talks about the digital world and how things can be complicated at times, but sometimes the simple things, like bologna sandwiches are better, and can't be replaced by modern technology.

Bologna is an American sausage, fashioned after the Itallian Mortadella which was named after the city Bologna.  Mortadella is made from a finely hashed/ground pork sausage containing visible cubes of lard.  American regulations state that it must be finely ground so that there is no visible pieces of any portion.  Bologna can alternatively be made out of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, venison or soy protein.

So today, on National Bologna Day, why not fix yourself a bologna sandwich and remember the days of your youth.

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