Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking your....

By Diane Forrest,

Take your Teddy Bear to Work Day

Who doesn't love a good sale?  Yesterday the department store in town was having a customer appreciation day.  Many items in the store were 50% off, and if you had the store's credit card you got an extra 15 to 20% off.  Lucky for me I have a store credit card, so how cool is that?  I had a wedding gift to buy, my mother's birthday present, and thought I would look for some Christmas gifts.   When I walked into the Christmas section the first thing I saw was a table full of teddy bears wearing a Santa hat and red scarf.  Well I have a new step grandbaby on the way, due in December, and I also have a soft spot for teddy bears, especially since they were inspired by a hunting trip with President Roosevelt here in Mississippi.  So, I had to get him.

This got me to thinking; nearly the first gift we receive is a teddy bear.  We begin our lives with a teddy, and they are by our sides during the first few years of our lives, giving us comfort and security.   Today is take your teddy bear to work day.  It’s a day to let your pal see what you do all day.  Now of course not everyone can take a teddy to work.  But, there are some people who are fortunate enough to spend their days with teddy bears.  Im not talking about the people who actually make them, but the people who actually work with them.

There are several organizations who collect teddy bears and find new homes for them.  There are so many children in need, children who are sick and in the hospital, feeling scared and alone.  Children who have been through a natural disaster, like floods, hurricanes, tonados and earthquakes, some who have lost all of their belongings need a teddy bear.  Children who have lost their homes in a fire, or who have been in a wreck, need teddy bears.

So, today, if you are not able to take your bear with you to work, then maybe you can find one that needs a good home.  You can click the sites below to donate a teddy, or if you don't have one, or can't part with yours, you can donate money to cover costs.

To donate teddy bears for children in disasters, click here:

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