Friday, November 11, 2011

Pizza with Everything Except

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By Diane Forrest,

When my son was smaller we would always start the weekend with pizza and movie night.  He started off with just a cheese pizza, and then as he got older he wanted pepperonis added.  These days he orders pizza with everything.  He recently took a trip with his friend to Atlanta Georgia to watch the Braves play baseball.  They stopped at a pizza place called Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria .  It was featured on the food channel as home of the biggest pizza.  They have a pizza called the Carnivore, which has everything but the kitchen sink on it.  You can click on the site to see how big they are, the video compares a slice of pizza to the size of a small baby.  My son and his friend only ordered a "small" and became "pizza drunk".

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Today is National Pizza with Everything Except Anchovies Day.  Pizza has been part of the European diet since the Stone Age when it was baked beneath the stones of the fire. Though it was first created by the Greeks, it was the Italians who truly made it famous. Italian pizza chefs often season their flat bread pizzas with a variety of different toppings.  Anchovies are a small oily fish that is high in sodium.  They are used in North America as a pizza topping or in a ceasar salad.    I was watching a video clip the other day taken in California.  A whale had come straight up to the top, mouth open, and nearly got a surfer in his mouth.  He was catching anchovies and they were swimming to the surface to get away from the whale.  The seagulls overhead were watching all this, so what the whale didn’t get, the birds swooped down to catch.

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So today, order your pizza without Anchovies, leave something for the whales and seagulls to eat.

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