Monday, November 21, 2011

World TV Day

By Akindman,

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World Television Day Celebrated Today

Television has become one of the most influential forms of media in our present time. It is the arena where images, forms, styles and ideas surrounding the human existence are mobilized. Television makes its mark as the most popular medium for communication and information because of the considerable convenience it offers to its audience worldwide, of all ages, nationalities and social status. Television does not require literacy and presents information in audiovisual form requiring no extra skills for comprehension. 

UNESCO recognizes the significance of television broadcasting as a primal means of communication and a standard gateway of information for the masses, most importantly in least-developed countries. Television plays an effective role in disseminating information and knowledge and serves a powerful tool for reflecting and shaping human conditions and aspirations. 

Fostering freedom of expression and increasing cultural diversity in the media, particularly by improving the endogenous production capacities and supporting the distribution of quality audio-visual programmes are highly prioritised by UNESCO programmes, including the Intergovernmental Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC). 

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I vaguely remember a small television similar to this one in the 1950's - we would all gather around and watching Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob...

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Today we have smart TV that give us crystal clear images on almost anything we desire to watch and when - events in real time, will less and less censoring. 

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Ultra-thin sets that are mount on walls...

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Getting bigger and bigger (for those of us who love the bigger screens) ...

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....and the beginning of 3D in mainstream entertainment....that will no longer require wearing those silly glasses...

So how will you celebrate World TV Day?

What are your favorite memories of TV?

What changes are you  looking for on World TV Day 2015?

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