Wednesday, December 28, 2011

National Chocolate Day

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By Diane Forrest,

Even though Christmas is over, the warm happy feelings still linger, along with visiting family and after Christmas sales.  Another thing to linger is the candy left in my stocking from Santa.  I got chocolate kisses and peppermint bark, not to mention all the fudge I made.  This year I tried to make sure all of my family had some chocolate for the holidays.  I made 3 batches of fudge and send to all of my relatives out of town. By the time I got to the last 4 tins to send out, I went to the post office, and they only had 3 boxes left.   Since my cousin lives in the same area as my aunt and uncle, and I knew he would be spending Christmas with him, I asked if I mailed theirs to them, would he please deliver it for me.  He said that wouldn't be a problem, so I sent it on.   It had been a few days, and I still hadn't heard if they got it, then I finally got a message from my cousin.  He thanked me and told me how delicious it was, and I asked if he had taking his folks their tin.  He replied…no, was I supposed to?

Well my jaw hit the ground... I reminded him of the long conversation we just had about him delivering it, but he forgot, and ate both tins.  Then went on to say how much of a compliment it was to me because he ate it all.  Men!  After I told him I was gonna tell on him to his parents, he promised to make some and deliver it to them.  I can say with total certainty that is never going to happen.

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My second fudge mishap happened when I ran into my parent's neighbor at church on Christmas morning.  Whenever I get in my baking moods I will take some and drop off at their house.  I will stick it in their mailbox, because they have large dogs that run loose outside, and I wasn’t want to be jumped on when they go after the food I’m bringing.  They always get it, and whoever is the lucky one to find it will usually hide it from the rest of the family.  I found a tin that had 4 snowmen on the top, so I made a label with each of their names and put under each snowman.  When I asked him if he got it, he replied no, and began to think that maybe the postman thought it was for him, and took it.  Since I am done baking for the year, and I’m not going to be parting with any of my fudge, they will have to wait til next year for some delicious chocolate, Valentine's Day will be a great time to make some more.

My third chocolate story happened when I mailed some to my stepson.  His wife doesn’t like chocolate, weird right?  So I sent her some divinity, and made the fudge for him.  He must have given some to his two year old daughter, because not long after they got it, I got a short video of her dancing up a storm after eating a piece!
Today is National Chocolate Day, of course every day is chocolate day for me.  Check your Christmas stocking and see if there is a piece left for you, or even drink some hot chocolate, or a cold chocolate shake.  Any way you have chocolate is a good way, and Im sure since it is chocolate day, the calories won’t count!

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