Wednesday, December 14, 2011

National Cupcake Day

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By Diane Forrest,

Last year my mother celebrated a milestone birthday.  While she loves attending parties, she is not so keen on them when the focus is on her.  I tried to think of what I could do to celebrate this occasion, without it being so much of a party in her honor.   I came up with a plan.  Our church serves dinner on Wednesday nights; she is on the rotation to collect money for the dinners.  Since her birthday happened to be on Wednesday, I called the church office to make sure she was on the list for that night to collect the money.  Then I told them I would be providing the dessert for dinner that night.  Cupcakes would make the perfect dessert to celebrate a birthday, and when you say it really fast, 200 doesn't seem to be too many to make.

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It took 2 days but I finally got them all made, decorated and delivered in time for her party.  Everyone had a wonderful time at her "party" and the cupcakes were a hit.
Cupcakes are a great dessert to make if you have a large crowd to serve.  They are individual and don't require plates or forks.  They come in their own liners, so clean up is easy too.  They are great for kid's parties and for selling at bake sales.

The first mention of cupcakes, or fairy cakes as they are known as in England, was in 1796.  In recent years they have raised in popularity and several shops offer gourmet cupcakes.  Any flavor can be used, and are normally made with a standard box cake mix.  They have even become popular as a wedding cake allowing guests to help themselves instead of having cake servers.

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Today is National Cupcake Day.  With the holidays upon us, there are many parties and gatherings to attend.  Why not make some cupcakes in your favorite flavor, red velvet would make a great holiday choice, to take to your next event.

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