Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Well - it's really March 31!
Greetings baseball fans where ever you are and regardless of which team or teams you are cheering for.

Today begins a new season, weather may not be friendly is several ballparks at game time: a threat of rain in Washington, DC as the Nationals host the Atlanta Braves; and the NY Yankees will be hosting the Detroit Tigers with the possibility of rain as well.  We are hopeful that mother nature will cooperated and allow these games to be played.  In Cleveland yesterday they had snow flurries.

Enjoy the day Baseball Fan's and may your teams  play well and win !!

Textbooks and Stethoscopes: Opening Day

By: Sunny Hon

             It’s the age-old question of which came first – spring or baseball?  Was baseball created in celebration of the spring season?  Or was spring created as the perfect backdrop for baseball?  Regardless, the two are synonymous with one another just as songbirds and ice cream trucks are to warm weathered months.  More than anything, baseball has long been embedded into the fabric of the American culture.  While the climates of most things continue to change around us, like that of technological trends or global politics, some still maintain certain degrees of nostalgia that are never too wearisome.  The iconic images of fresh cut grass and of ball players in the crisp of early season, or the familiar sounds of the cracks of bats as they make contact with the balls, or the pitch counts from the umpires standing behind home plate, these are the very Technicolor that brings life to this season.     

Baseball has become more about family bonding than it is about the sport itself – fathers teaching their children the culture’s favorite pass time; the passing of old gloves from generations past to the potentials of tomorrow.  Opening day in baseball is a celebration of family.  It is an opportunity for creating a lifetime of memories.  For the sport, the new year brings new hope to a new season.  Powerhouse teams being their paths to the post-season, while the lesser teams get fresh starts to right ships that had gone astray in seasons past.  As Washingtonians, we hope for nothing more than for the young Nationals to take another stride towards pennant glory.  Will Stephen Strasburg come back strong after the Tommy John surgery?  When will we see Bryce Harper in the Majors?  Is Jayson Werth worth the contract?  Most importantly, does the team have the pitching and enough offense to be at least a 0.500 team this season?  Looking at other headlines around the league – Have the Phillies place their on this season already?  Can the Giants repeat?  Will the Yankees’ older roster begin to slow down the team?  How will the Red Sox do this season?  Or the teams in Chicago?  How about the Dodgers?  It is, without a doubt, an exciting new season.  With all this said, there is nothing left to say, but “Play Ball!” 


  1. I love baseball. It is one of the few sports, along with basketball, that I understand.

  2. So do we Beth - truly a family activity when ever we can.