Sunday, March 6, 2011

Textbooks and Stethoscopes: The Pilot By Sunny Hon

I think by now, us students have realized that the nursing profession isn’t what primetime programming depicts our destined futures to be.  Minus the cross-generational sharp wits and the mandatory dramas of workplace love triangles, what you have left is scrub-wearing professionals who work very hard to get the sick and the injured back to functional health.  Contrary to belief, nursing has nothing to do with the treatment diseases or ailments.  We don’t look at patient charts to help with diagnosing illnesses.  What we do is treat the human responses to the multitude of ailments that hinder one’s ability to care for oneself.  Along with dispensing medications as prescribed by physicians, our primary tools of the trade are perhaps washcloths and patience.  The running joke around the water cooler has been “this wasn’t in the nursing brochure.” (I don’t think I’ve yet to stand around with a bunch of doctors, all of us with stethoscopes around our necks, laughing.)  Nonetheless, our collective hunches agree that what we have embarked on is a career of great importance.  

Sunny is a full-time nursing student who's is going to get into "layman" details about the ailments he comes across in clinical and discuss some nursing issues for the male student point of view.

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