Friday, February 17, 2012

National Week of Flirting

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By Diane Forrest,

I love the Victorian Era. I love the clothes, the decor, the manners, everything.  It's no wonder it was also the Romantic Era.  The women used to carry hand fans made of feathers or lace primarily to keep cool, but they also developed a language with them as well.  Each gesture of the fan had a different meaning.  This came in handy when a young woman wanted to catch a young man's attention.  Not only were fans used, but also lace handkerchiefs had special meanings as well.  Below are some of the secret messages that would be performed using these items:

  • Drawing her handkerchief across her lips - "Let's flirt with each other"
  • Twisting her handkerchief in her left hand: "Go away. I'm not interested in you."
  • Twisting her handkerchief in her right hand: "I am thinking of you."
  • Winding it around the third finger of her left hand: " I am married."
  • Winding it around her forefinger: "I am engaged to be married."
  • Drawing her handkerchief across her forehead; twirling her fan in her left hand:
  • "Careful. We are being watched."
  • Holding her handkerchief in opposite corners in both hands: or opening her fan wide "Wait for me."
  • Holding a handkerchief, parasol or fan next to her right cheek: "Yes"
  • Holding a handkerchief, parasol or fan next to her left cheek: "No"
  • Twirling her handkerchief in her right hand: "I will meet you."
  • Twirling it in her left hand: "Let's set a time to meet"
  • Presenting her fan closed: "Do you love me?"
  • Drawing her handkerchief or fan across her eyes: "I am sorry."
  • Drawing her handkerchief across her cheek or fanning herself quickly while looking at the "object of her affection": "I love you so much"
  • Folding her handkerchief carefully or running her fingers through the fan's ribs: "I wish to speak with you"
  • Twirling it in both hands: "I am not interested. Get lost."
  • Placing her fan against her left ear: "I wish to be rid of you."
  • Waving it over her right shoulder: "Follow me"
  • Dropping it on the floor: "Let's meet"
  • Waving it over her left shoulder: "Farewell until we meet again."
  • Drawing the fan across her forehead: "You have changed."
  • Fanning herself swiftly with her left hand: "Don't you dare flirt with that woman!"
  • Resting her fan on her heart: "My love for you is breaking my heart."

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Flirting these days do not involve the use of a fan or handkerchief, however the art of flirting is not lost.  The best method of flirting is the use of body language.  Glancing in a person's directions, leaning in when they talk to show your interest, your hand brushing against their hand or knee, even batting your eyelashes or showing a smile  could end in your desired result.
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This is the National Week of Flirting, and it's not just for the single, couples should also flirt with their partners to keep the romance alive.  This week practice a little can even pull out a hankie or two!

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