Saturday, March 17, 2012

Awkward Moments

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By Diane Forrest

Today is Awkward Moment Day.  I don't know who picked this one day, but for me, awkward moments are a daily occurrence!  Some awkward moments that I usually have happen at church.  Every morning as soon as the service begins, we all rise to greet the visitors and people sitting around us.  This is done by shaking hands.  It’s always awkward when two hands reach out to shake the same person's hand.  Someone is just left hanging.  Then as I leave the church, there are two members standing at the door to wish you a good week.  Both stretch out their hands to shake yours, but I fixed that problem...I used both my hands to shake theirs.  Another awkward moment is when the congregation was standing to sing a hymn, everyone sat after the song ended, and except for one lady...she just remained standing.

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Awkward moments are magnified a million times during adolescence.   I was wearing a dress to school one day, and my shoes had a small heel on them.  The heel of my shoe got stuck in the grate out in the courtyard, and down I went.  I ripped my stockings, scrapped my knee, broke my shoe and exposed my backside!  I was mortified, knowing that the entire school had just seen me fall.  I never wanted to go back to school again.  But it wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined, and I did return to school the next day.

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Awkward moments happen to everyone, at any age.  I have a friend who owns a bowling center.  It has been a very mild winter, with no snow all season.  The one day all year that it snowed, he put down a floor mat by the door to keep the floor dry and to prevent slipping or falling.  Well as luck would have it, one of the senior ladies tripped on the mat, fell and hit her head on the door.  Her embarrassment and awkwardness caused her to get angry, threaten a lawsuit, and prevented her from playing in her bowling league the following week.  The next week, however, she returned no longer feeling awkward, no injury, and no lawsuit.

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Awkward moments happen all the time; here are a few from other people.  Today is awkward moment’s day, so why not share some of your awkward moments with us?

That awkward moment when you’re sitting at a red light, accidentally beep the horn and everyone around you thinks you’re a jerk

That awkward moment when you say goodbye to someone and both walk the same way

That awkward moment when you can’t stop laughing while telling a joke and when you are finally done, your friends doesn’t even get it.

That awkward moment when the dentist asks you a question while his hands are in your mouth

That awkward moment when your tummy rumbles and everyone around you assumes its gas

That awkward moment when your teacher asks you to read out loud, and you don’t even know what page they’re on

That awkward moment when you ask a friend when her baby is due, and she isn't pregnant.

That awkward moment when you’re checking yourself out in the window of a car and then realize there is someone inside

That awkward moment when you’re singing alone in your car and you make eye contact with a stranger

That awkward moment when you have checked out your groceries only to realize you left your check book or credit card at home

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