Saturday, March 24, 2012

National Craft Month

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By Diane Forrest

Looking up at the Calendar I noticed I don't have much time left to finish the Easter cards I have made for my family.   Last year before Valentine’s Day I wanted to send valentines to all my friends and family.  Then I went to the store and saw how much they cost, and how many I needed to buy, and decided that could cost just a bit too much.  Since I didnt want to leave anyone out, I had a thought.  Why not make my own cards?  I had some card stock, and envelopes already, all I had to do was design it.  I have a card program on my computer, and it is full of all kinds of pictures, and different font styles too.  Since I love the Victorian age, I set off looking for something Victorian looking.   I tried several different pictures, and several fonts, before I was happy with the finished product.  Thus my hobby was born.  Since that first Valentine's Day card was made, I have made cards for every holiday, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, thank you notes and sympathy cards. I have even helped with wedding invitations, announcements and programs. Each one getting a little more special I add lace, ribbon vellum paper and even jewels on my last creation, the Easter Card.  It really makes me feel good that the recipients of my cards enjoy them so much they want to save them and display them for others to see.

Example of my cards

My grandmother attended a seniors program at her church, during that time; they had a craft session each week.  She made many things that I cherish today.  She made little dolls that sit on shelves, decopaged vases, and a poodle made of yard, and my all-time favorite, lace angels, that fill my Christmas tree each year. My other grandmother loved to needlepoint and crochet, which in my opinion are a dying art.  She made the beautiful lace doily shown here, as well as many quilts and afghans that keep me warm on a cold winter's night, and I can feel the love she had for me as I wrap it around me.

Crafts aren't just for women either.  After my husband was injured he learned how to do wood working.  Our neighbor, a young man in his 80's, taught him how to use a lathe to turn wood.  He made beautiful bowls, one is picture here.  His work inspired my father who began to turn pens on a lathe, and I have a cousin who also turns wooden pens and other accessories.

Crafts don't have to be difficult or costly.  I have a friend who teaches a small group of girls in a church class.  Each week she tries to have them make some type of craft to keep or share with another member of the church or neighborhood.  She also had young grandchildren, and she often makes crafts with them.  Some of those include spreading pinecones with peanut butter and dipping it in birdseed and hanging for the birds to eat, making jewelry, wallets out of duct tape, scrapbooking and making bird houses.

Making crafts are not only a fun activity, but it allows you to be creative, and provide gifts for friends and family to keep and treasure.  What you make is only limited by your imagination.  March is National Craft Month.  If you aren't sure what craft would be good for you to try, here are some ideas for you to consider:
  • How to Collage
  • How to Make Candles
  • Learn How to Crochet
  • Learn how to Knit
  • How to Decoupage
  • Learn how to Emboss
  • Learn How to Felt
  • How to Do Glass Etching
  • How to make Jewelry
  • Learn how to cross stitch
  • Creative Painting with Kids
  • Scrapbooking for Beginners
  • Learn How to Weave
  • How to Make Beaded Safety Pins
  • Learn How to Press and Dry Your Flowers
  • How to make a Coloring Book
  • How to Make Garden Stepping Stones
  • Altered Art
  • Learn About Beading
  • How to Make Your Own Craft Supplies
  • How to Tie-Dye
  • Learn how to Sew
  • Learn How to Quilt

Who knows, you may like it so much it could turn into a side business for you - Let me know.

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