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Learn What Your Name Means

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By Diane Forrest

In January, Beyoncé and Jay Z, popular musicians and a married couple, gave birth to a baby girl.  She was given the name Blue Ivy.  Alot of eyebrows went up over that name, but lately there have been alot of strange names given to newborns.  Some names from other celebrities include:
Kal-El, son of Nicolas Cage
Pilot Inspektor, son of Jason Lee
Apple, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow
Suri, Daughter of Tom Cruise
Sage Moonblood, son of Sylvester Stallone

There are many more, and every time I hear of a celebrity giving birth, I think to myself, are they trying to outdo each other on weird names?  Bestowing a name on a baby is an awesome responsibility.  I remember growing up listening to the story of the birth of Jesus, and the angel told Mary, his name will be Jesus.  All throughout the Bible, it mentions the naming of a baby, and the meaning of that name.  Names such as David, Beloved of God; or Mathew, meaning Gift of God;  John, meaning God is Gracious; Mary, meaning Wished for Child, Elizabeth, meaning God is Abundant.  There are some names that bring up bad memories or evil thoughts that aren't used regularly. A few I can think of are Lucifer and Delilah.  Lucifer, which actually means bringing light, was the name given to one of the angels.  It wasn’t until after he fell from God's graces that it became associated with evil.  Delilah means delicate and weak, however when the Delilah in the Bible cut Sampson's hair causing him to lose his strength, the name became associated with wickedness.

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I have been interested in the meaning of names from an early age, it was then that I learned my name, Diane, means Goddess of the Moon.  That name made me feel special especially paired with my middle name, Rene' meaning born again.  This name also peaked my interest in Mythology and caused me to read more about the mythological gods and goddesses.   I was named by my father because he just liked the name.  He insisted my name only had 1 n, and that the last e in Rene' had the apostrophe or "tildy" as he calls it, at the end.  That is also very special to me, knowing that he gave that much thought to naming me.

People have several reasons for choosing the names they bestow upon their children.  They maybe named after family members, named in remembrance of a particular place or event, or just named simply because of a fondness for the name.  When I was pregnant with my son, I assumed that he was a she.  I didn’t even have to think long about a name.  I had a favorite poem, called Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe.  It was about a man who loved a woman so much that even after she was taken away from him he kept on loving her.  Annabel was a bit "old fashioned" so I chose the name Amanda, meaning worthy of love, and Leigh.  It could also be changed to Mandy, another name I liked and would be cute with his last name.  Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be a he!  I had never even considered a boy's name, so I spent the next few days pouring over a baby name book trying to find the perfect name.  My favorite male name was Chris, however, he didn’t look like a Chris to me.  He was a beautiful boy with a sweet face; many thought he was a girl.  So, I combed through the book for a sweet name, and also had a good meaning.  I chose Jason, which means healer.  So far it has worked for him.

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Today is Learn what your name means.  If you don't already know the meaning, you can look it up on this site I have been using today, or check with your parents or other family members to see why you were given the name you have.  I’m sure you will learn some very interesting facts about your beginnings in the world.

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