Friday, April 27, 2012

International Twit Award Month

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By Diane Forrest

When my dad was in high school he was voted the class's "Most Wittiest".  He was and still is a very funny man.  Luckily my son inherited his funny bone, and I have told him several times the main reason he was allowed to live be the fact that he made me laugh.  However, being witty, and being the class clown are two different people.  We started this month with April Fool's day, so it seems appropriate that we end it with International Twit Award Month.

A twit is defined as a “foolishly annoying person”. In other words, these are the people who like to get on your nerves you by doing any or even all of the following:
  • Tease you for mistakes
  • Taunt you by calling you names
  • Ridicule you by making you the brunt of a bad joke
  • Put you down.

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In other words, twits are those individuals who enjoy getting entertainment at our expense. They attempt to be the center of attention by trying to make everyone else look or feel stupid. These can be aggravating playground bullies or the corporate boss. Twits are not nice people to be around and are avoided by most. Unfortunately, they exist in every level of society.

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There are a few people who enjoy joking around who know when to stop. These may be the office clown or prankster. These are people are aware that some lines should not be crossed. They respect boundaries and typically try only to put some extra pep to the workday. These folks can relax. They aren’t the target of International Twit Award Month.  The twits are the mean pranksters who don't know when to stop, or how far to go.

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To celebrate this day it is suggested that you combine forces with the other targets of the twit’s malicious mischief and plan an attack.  Nothing criminal or dangerous, something as simple as changing the coffee to decaffeinated, or put an out of order sign on the bathroom or elevator he/she uses, or hiding office supplies.  Maybe they will get the hint...and stop being such a twit!

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