Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scoop the Poop Day

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By Diane Forrest

For as long as I can remember I have had a dog.  They make great pets, and great company.  Snoopy, my shih tzu was a gift to my husband after his last pup died.  My husband loved his doggies and spoiled them endlessly.  I have never been much of a dog person, ours always stayed outside in the back yard, and I had been bitten, so I guess that made me twice shy.  This gave my husband much concern.  He always told me that if he died, he wanted Snoopy put to sleep and buried with him.  After my husband passed away, it was just me and Snoopy left.  He is great company, looks after me, comforts me when I’m sad, and alerts me if there is someone here.

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Owning a pet is a big responsibility.  Not only are you responsible for any damage they do, you also have to pick up after them. In some areas they have dog parks.  Places you can take your dogs to run and play, but, not poop.  You must be prepared to remove any waste they may leave.  This week is Scoop the Poop week, to bring awareness to pet owners to clean up after their pups.

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"Dog droppings are one of the leading sources of E. coli (fecal coliforms) bacterial pollution: One gram of dog feces contains over 20,000,000 E. coli cells. While an individual animal's deposit of feces will not measurably affect the environment, the cumulative effect of thousands of dogs and cats in a metropolitan area can create serious problems due to contamination of soil and water supplies. The runoff from neglected pet waste contaminates water, creating health hazards for people, fish, ducks, etc." according to

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Wikihow offers several methods in which to Scoop the Poop.  They include:

  • Plastic bag method.  This involves placing a bag over your hand like a glove.  Picking up the poop, then turning the bag inside out and tying it off.  Then place in a trash receptacle.
  • Pooper Scooper.  This is for large messes like your yard.  If you don’t actually want to handle the poop, you can scoop it with one of these devices and dispose of it in the plastic bag manner.
  • Delegate.  You may want to hire a service that scoops poop for you, hire a pet sitter service, or make your kids do it.
  • Deal with Pet Rebels.   You may run across someone who refuses to scoop their pet's poop.  In that case, offer them one of your plastic bags, explain the importance of keeping the environment clean, and if all else fails, and report them to the proper authority.  Those who refuse to obey the laws, lose the privileges for everyone.

Be Responsible....Scoop the Poop!

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