Friday, March 8, 2013

Genealogy Day 2013

By Terry Orr

Learning about your family roots, experiences, challenges, and travels can be fun, rewarding and perhaps most difficult project in your life.  For more than twenty years now, I continue working on my family tree that has grown from a reality small group of family members to over six thousand and still growing with each new find.  Sadly, there are few family artifacts from my efforts, I do treasure those that are available and are kept in safe and secure environment.

In my physical and virtual travels, many records have been destroyed either by accident, through hatred, or lost. The records that were destroyed over difference religious beliefs are probably the ones that disturb me the most.

During these years I have gotten to meet family members for the first time and establish some very wonderful and enjoyable relationships.  When I travel these days, part of the planning process is to visit them and or new ones along the way.

My goal - at some point in time, turn our family tree’s over to a much younger person in the family.

Getting started can be fairly simple, especially if you have lots of information available and relatives who can help get you started. Below are some good links to help you get started on your family tree.

Let us know how things are going. Thanks!

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