Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It’s National Organize your Home Office Day...

By Terry Orr

...and it is personal!  Unlike the workspace in the office - our home office is “your own master piece’ - decorated, arranged, furnished and lighted to suit our individual needs.  

Organizing (and filing things where they belong) are important ingredients to an effective home office.  I speak from years of ‘hard knocks’ experience - and you’d think I finally got the message - NOT. I still am lazy about filing things and often find myself frustrated when I need to find things.  I do keep working at it....one can only hope that things will get better.

The good news, there is plenty of help available to get our home office organized and kept that way. 

Home and Garden TV site offers these Quick Tips for Home Office Organization:
  1. Invest in adequate furniture
  2. Establish activity centers
  3. Properly place the hardware and peripherals
  4. Conceal Cables and Wires
  5. Establish a paper processing area

All very good points and helpful in getting your office infrastructure in place, and thus a place to put things where they belong.

iVillage offers these additional five tips:
  1. Attack That Pile of “Stuff” (amen)
  2. Throw Out Those Old Papers 
  3. Keep Often-Used Items at Close Range (yeah)
  4. Don’t Store Supplies in Your Desk (guilty)
  5. Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure 

There are also individuals and companies available to provide you a full range of assistance.  I may very well contact someone when it is time to tackle my library and genealogy area.

Please share those tips for organizing your home office.  Thank you.

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