Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

By Diane Forrest

Easter is one of those quiet holidays that kinda sneak in on you.  People normally don’t shop for Easter gifts or play Easter music for weeks on end. Not many Easter cards hit the post office, and since its not a Federal holiday, and it is always on Sunday, many people don't have the day off work either. 

Nonetheless, Easter is a very important time of remembrance and rejoicing.  While Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, Easter celebrates the resurrection.

Growing up, most of my thoughts were about getting a new dress, white shoes, and spending the night wearing these hard plastic rollers in my hair, and not being able to sleep a wink!  My brother and I would get up and search the den for eggs, he always found the most, and then we would go to church in our brand new clothes.  My Easter bunny didn’t bring toys, but he always came with socks and underwear and occasionally a cross necklace or earrings.

For many people the Easter season signifies the rebirth and renewal of springtime.  Plants and trees begin to bloom, animal babies are born, and time to plant tomatoes, and pollen is everywhere.  The cold winter months are over, and spring has sprung.  Even though the ground hog predicted an early spring this year, there is still snow on the ground everywhere.

This Sunday I will get up, put on my new Easter outfit, go to church, then to my parent's home to eat the traditional ham, potato salad, deviled egg dinner, then come home to take a nice Sunday nap.  But I will spend most of the day thinking about Jesus's resurrection and the fact that he lives, and he lives in me.

What are some of your family's Easter traditions?  Write them in the comment section below, we would love to know how you celebrate the holiday, all of us at KISBYTO wish you a very Happy Easter!

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