Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have a Good Breakfast Everyday

Early start for a Saturday morning, enjoying daybreak and the  sunrise, watching the chipmonks, squirrels, and birds getting their day started - eating breakfast.  They do enjoy the peanuts, day old bread, sunflower seeds and other goodies we put out for them.
      Like lots of morning in my youth on the farm on the weekends, in the Philippines taking pictures of the sunrises and sunsets, and in retirement watering the lawn and garden - taking in the wonders of life and being thankful I can enjoy them.
Anyone who knows me will tell you, Terry is a Big Supporter of Eating a Good Breakfast every morning.  But it isn’t necessarily due to all those answers one finds doing a Google search (although 9.4 million hits on the topic is impressive), the real reason was the influence from Granny Greenwell, my maternal grandmother.  Why Granny instead of Grandmother or Grandma - it was her way. Granny is the one person in my life who had the most influence in developing me, my siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, and children.  Granny simply practiced what she preached: respect others (and nature); do the right thing, follow the golden rule; eat a good breakfast every morning.  Her youngest sister, Sarah told my sister, Beverly and I last year - “Granny had more Common Sense than anyone she had every met in her 95 years”.  And it is true.  Ask anyone who knew her, they’d tell you she had a unique insight on life.  After selling her farm just outside of Kansas City, Missouri, Granny rented a very nice two bedroom apartment that she shared with Beverly for awhile. It was on the third floor and no elevator service.  When asked why the third floor, she would reply, “Well, I need my exercise and don’t want to get lazy living in the city.”  We were all blessed by her originality, sense of humor, love, dedication to helping others -just not out of a situation, but helping them to help themselves, the importance of respecting others, doing the right thing, how to take care of ourselves in life, and how to really enjoy life.  Each day, I am thankful for her profound influence on my life and others- and when there’s a family gathering, Granny is always center stage.  Yep, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - cause Granny said it was and I know she was right, she always was. 


  1. Sounds like a very smart lady! Do you wish we had listened a little closer to those important people in our lives when we still had them?

  2. Thanks Ereline. Yes and I wish she could have been around longer so our children could have shared in that wonderful experience.