Sunday, February 13, 2011

Healthy Habit # 2: Add Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Your Diet

And that is just where we were.  It was a family activity, maybe only two or three of us, and at other times twenty or more, but one thing for sure, we had a good time, rain or shine, fish or none.
Eating fish was something that has always been part of my life from my earliest memories, in different cities across this great land and in ports near and far.  I’m a lucky guy who has a loving wife that enjoys fish several times a week.
Granny, Dad, brother and I loved to go fishing, sisters were not to keen on the idea, but they found other things to do while the rest of us had our poles in hand, lines in the water and someone telling a story about a good adventure, lesson in life or a plain ole whooper that seem to bring tears to your eyes.  Then, the mad scramble to set that hook, on the fish who just took the bait.
Fresh water fish cooked up for breakfast was always a special treat - blue gill, perch, bass, and others, with eggs, sliced tomatoes, some fresh fruit and toast with jam.   We really didn’t think much about healthy food back then, - it was simply good food and we had caught those fish and had a good time doing so. 
We are thankful that our children and grandchildren enjoy eating fish, though we don’t have family fish outings often these days - the memories are still crystal clear. I’m looking forward to our next fishing trip, and sitting around to stove and talking about the “big one” that got away. 

So how do you satisfy Healthy Habit # 2? 

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