Thursday, February 24, 2011

Healthy Habit # 8 Protect Your Skin

Like most of us, when we think about protecting our skin, the sun comes to mind - sun burns, sun poisoning, skin cancer and other related concerns.  Some of us have first hand knowledge of these and also are aware of ‘Old Man Winter’s’ affect on our skin.  Many of the gals out there also are very much aware to the daily routine to taking care of your skin, especially your face.
While I have read and heard from many sources we need to drink lots of water every day, eight glass they recommend, to help you skin from the inside. That little bit of information for ones skin had not found the right place in my memory.
While researching this topic from one of my favorite sources, the Mayo Clinic.  The tips from there are: protect yourself from the sun; don’t smoke (1st time I remember seeing that in this context); treat your skin gently (limit bath time, avoid strong soaps,  shave carefully, pat dry, moisturize dry skin); eat a healthy diet and manage stress (another one new to me in this context).
For all your sun lovers, please remember,  water WILL wash off sun screen (my toes will attest to that). Limit your time in the sun, wear protective clothing, hat, sun screen, stay in the shade when you can and drink lots of water.
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!  

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