Friday, February 18, 2011

Healthy Habit # 7 Take Up a Hobby

Do you have any?  What is your favorite? What makes them fun to do?

Here’s a good list to start.  Do you have a hobby that is not listed below?  If so, please let us know and we will add it.

Aircraft Spotting;  Airbrushing;  Airsofting; Acting; Aeromodeling; Amateur Astronomy; Amateur Radio; Animals/pets/dogs; Arts; Astrology; Astronomy; Backgammon; Badminton; Baseball; Basketball; Beach/Sun tanning; Beachcombing; Beadwork; Beatboxing; Becoming A Child Advocate; Bell Ringing; Belly Dancing; Bicycling; Bird watching; Birding; BMX; Blacksmithing; Blogging; BoardGames; Boating; Body Building; Bonsai Tree; Boomerangs; Bowling; Brewing Beer; Bridge Building; Bringing Food To The Disabled; Building A House For Habitat For Humanity; Building Dollhouses; Butterfly Watching; Button Collecting; Cake Decorating; Calligraphy; Camping; Candle Making; Canoeing; Car Racing; Casino Gambling; Cave Diving; Cheerleading; Chess; Church/church activities; Cigar Smoking; Cloud Watching; Coin Collecting; Collecting; Collecting Antiques; Collecting Artwork; Collecting Music Albums; Compose Music; Computer activities; Cooking; Cosplay; Crafts; Crafts (unspecified); Crochet; Crocheting; Cross-Stitch; Crossword Puzzles; Dancing; Darts; Diecast Collectibles; Digital Photography; Dolls; Dominoes; Drawing; Dumpster Diving; Eating out; Educational Courses; Electronics; Embroidery; Entertaining; Exercise (aerobics, weights); Fast cars; Fencing; Fishing; Football; Four Wheeling; Freshwater Aquariums; Frisbee Golf - Frolf; Games; Gardening; Garage Saleing; Genealogy; Geocaching; Ghost Hunting; Glowsticking; Going to movies; Golf; Go Kart Racing; Grip Strength; Guitar; Handwriting Analysis; Hang gliding; Hiking; Home Brewing; Home Repair; Home Theater; Horse riding; Hot air ballooning; Hula Hooping; Hunting; Illusion; Internet; Jet Engines; Jewelry Making; Jigsaw Puzzles; Juggling; Keep A Journal; Kayaking; Kitchen Chemistry; Kites; Kite Boarding; Knitting; Knotting; Lasers; Lawn Darts; Learn to Play Poker; Learning A Foreign Language; Learning An Instrument; Learning To Pilot A Plane; Leathercrafting; Legos; Listening to music; Macramé; Magic; Making Model Cars; Matchstick Modeling; Meditation; Microscopy; Metal Detecting; Model Rockets; Modeling Ships; Models; Motorcycles; Mountain Biking; Mountain Climbing; Musical Instruments; Needlepoint; Owning An Antique Car; Origami; Painting; Paintball; Papermaking; Papermache; Parachuting; People Watching; Photography; Piano; Pinochle; Playing music; Playing team sports; Pottery; Puppetry; Pyrotechnics; Quilting; Rafting; Railfans; R/C Boats; R/C Cars; R/C Helicopters; R/C Planes; Reading; Reading To The Elderly; Relaxing; Renting movies; Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals; Robotics; Rock Collecting; Rockets; Rocking AIDS Babies; Running; Saltwater Aquariums; Scrapbooking; Scuba Diving; Sewing; Shark Fishing; Skeet Shooting; Shopping; Singing In Choir; Skateboarding; Sketching; Sky Diving; Sleeping; Smoking Pipes; Snorkeling; Soap Making; Soccer; Socializing with friends/neighbors; Spelunkering; Spending time with family/kids; Stamp Collecting; Storytelling; String Figures; Surf Fishing; Swimming; Tea Tasting; Tennis; Tesla Coils; Tetris; Texting; Textiles; Tombstone Rubbing; Tool Collecting; Toy Collecting; Train Collecting; Train Spotting; Traveling; Treasure Hunting; Trekkie; Tutoring Children; TV watching; Urban Exploration; Video Games; Volunteer; Walking; Warhammer; Watching sporting events; Windsurfing; Wine Making; Woodworking; Working In A Food Pantry; Working on cars; Writing; Writing Music; Writing Songs; Yoga;  and YoYo.

Hobbies that I enjoy doing now that I’m retired are surfing the internet; watching people, especially younger ones as they explore their surroundings; genealogy; watching sporting events, movies, National Geographic and Discovery channels; blogging; meeting new people; traveling; bird watching and care and feeding of them and other creatures; eating out; going to the movies; home repair projects (those that I and others do); home theater; listening to music; researching and writing.

Happy Birthday to my brother Dwight!!  His favorite hobby - fishing!

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