Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Healthy Habit # 4 Make Social Connections

When I first read this one, it stopped me in my tracks a bit.  In todays cyber explosion, cell phone, chats, face-to-face, skype, and all the other means of communications, if folks are doing that, are they active in their communities? Church? 
After a few minutes of thinking about this, I got my trusty pencil and a pad of paper and started jotting things down off the top of my head.  What social connections am I making now that I am retired?
  • I spend more time talking with folks in the stores, post office, shops, etc
  • I’ve gotten to know the folks who take good care of me at the various restaurants
  • I send more emails, chat all to often, and call more folks
  • Taking more time to visit others in different cities
  • Spending more time with family and friends 
Providing information, instrumental help, emotional support, and offering a sense of belonging were the key benefits from the article on WebMD.
How do you make social connections?

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