Monday, July 4, 2011

Air conditioning - great when it works ...

by Diane Forrest,

Yesterday, July 3, was Air Condition Appreciation Day.  While I only found this out yesterday, it was too late to write something about it but I said silently to myself....I really appreciate Air Condition!  I love electricity too! luck would have it my Air Condition went out today, then I really started appreciating it!  I called my dad, for sympathy, but he never seems to muster enough to make me feel better.  He asked, well, did you call someone?  Is he nuts??? It’s July 4th!!!  I told him they would only charge me an arm, leg, some fingers and toes!  Why don't things break during normal business hours?  My stuff only breaks on nights or weekends, and usually about 5:30 Friday night, so I have to suffer all weekend long!

Luckily for me it’s a cool 90 degrees today, and I have ceiling fans on, and I usually keep my temperature around 68 degrees, and most of the lights off, so it’s not really that bad.  However, instead of freaking out during times like these, I prefer to imagine my fore fathers and mothers, and what they had to endure every day of their life.  I figure if they had to put up with it all the time, I should be able to make it a day or two without complaining.  Of course I don't know who got the worse end of the deal.  You see, they never had Air Condition, so they never knew what they were missing.  They had to deal with the heat day in and day out with nothing to do about it but complain.  I'm only guessing that they complained about the heat...even with a/c, we complain about it.  I think I have it bad, because I know what I’m missing, I know what it's like to be in a nice cool place and be comfortable all day long.  Even put on a light blanket at night if it’s too chilly!  They never had that luxury. 

At least these days I have the option of getting in my car, turning on the a/c and driving to a place where the Air Condition does work.  They never had that option.  I however will just sit here and try not to complain as I think about the generations before me and the trials they endured so that I may live the life I have today.  
I'll fix it for you..., the day after Air Condition Appreciation day, not only do I appreciate Air Condition, but all those who came before me who not only suffered in the heat, but made the invention of Air Condition possible for me!


  1. Air conditioners are really useful, that's why people held that appreciation day! Good thing people are still seeing the good side of little things. I mean, this post is amazing! It's like your giving tribute to the product! Everyone should read this!

  2. You are so right. I always took my AC for granted until I started having some issues with it. It was on and off for almost a week in the middle of summer! Ugh! Thankfully the whole ordeal lead me to find a very reliable air condition repair company and it isn't something I worry about anymore

  3. AC appreciation Day! I didn’t know that we had an AC appreciation day! I should’ve given my AC a well deserved day of rest and have it serviced for cleaning and maintenance. Anyway, you shouldn’t take your AC for granted, even though it’s just a machine! Use your ACs properly.

    -Mechteld Abelli

  4. Way to go Terry! When you think about it, it could have been hotter and the stress will really get to you! It's great to keep up a positive mindset in these situations. We would hardly notice that it's over. Being in a great mood always helps to keep the spirit up!

    Darryl Iorio