Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seat Belts Saves Lives!

Nearly every day I see one or more people in cars without their seat belts on.  I often the urge to follow these folks and when they stop get out and show them pictures of others who have been in accidents.

In November 1952 on our return trip from showing my Mothers father our new baby brother Howard who was only a few weeks old were involved in an accident.  Farmer who’s eye sight was poor, pull onto the highway pulling a trailer – only a few yards in front of our car.  Our station wagon did not have seat belts, baby Howard was in my mother’s arms, sister was looking over the front seat, talking with her – it only took a couple seconds.  Mother, baby Howard were killed instantly.  Sister was thrown through the front windshield and was in very serious condition.  Father – saw the white light and asked ‘who will take care of my children?’ and then woke up in the hospital.  My brother and I suffered injuries – broken bones and which healed over time.

Seat belts must be securely fasten and properly worn before I will move the vehicle.  No Exception. No Excuses. No Seat Belt – You are not riding in my vehicle.


We are required to wear them on air planes and our motor vehicles.  Why we are not required on School Buses; Public buses; Trains; Taxis; Metro Rail; or Subways?  They are all moving vehicles and all have accidents.

Here is a good example of various seat belts for kids. 

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