Thursday, July 7, 2011

Video Game

by Diane Forrest its gonna be hard to write this article without showing a little of my age.  You see...I remember when pong was a hit!   Pong was one of the first video games every written.  It was a version of Ping Pong, there were two players, and you would move the controller to hit the ball that bounced back and forth.  It was in produced in black and white, and made available for homes through Sears in 1975.

I never had this game, but would always be amazed when going to my friend's house to play it.  Then, we moved to the big city of Jackson, or the outskirts I should say.  They built a new mall, 2 stories!  It was like shopping in a small community!  They had a video arcade there. The first I had ever seen.  The year was 1977.  Walking past the arcade, you couldn't help but be drawn in by its crazy sounds and flashing lights. 

It was here where I met Pac Man!  It was a fatal attraction!  I had to save up quaters to go meet my friend.  I would gobble up those ghosts  to the wonka wonka wonka sounds every chance I got.   I even got high scorer a few times.  It wasn't hard to get alot of time with this game, since by this time all the boys had discovered space invaders, so they were always busy saving the planet from alien attacks.

Video games have change a great deal since their beginnings.   From the early game of the Wii and XBox where you can actually join in the game and play against the computer! 

When my husband was bedridden, I got a wii for him to use.  Not only was it something to entertain him, but also a source of good exercise.  He loved boxing, we had gone to several matches, so that is the first game I bought for him.  It was so fun for him being able to be the one in the ring throwin the punches.  We could also go bowling together, and even play some carnival games together.  Since he had been bedridden for so long, he had lost alot of the use of his arms and hands, and the ability to drive.  So I was able to find a video game for that too, even a little steering wheel to use.

So, today, on Video game day, go play a game from your past, or find a new game from your present...and just have fun!  

Leave us a comment about your favorite game.

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