Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mutt's Day - Look at that face...

Mutts are often viewed by purebred dog owners and the public as being at a lesser value than purebred dogs. However, mutt dog owners know better than that!

Just as most Americans are ‘mutts’- as my dad used to say – Hinds 57 was our family heritage.  We have, Scottish, Irish, German, Norwegian, French, English, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, and Native American and I sure the more genealogy research I do, will find others.

They merit their dog's uniqueness and diversity. They know that their mutt doesn't need to walk around to prove anything to the other dogs or dog owners. And they know that their dog certainly deserves a day of celebration for their mixed breed heritage.

Over the years, we have found that the mutt’s are far friendlier, better temperament, excellent with babies and children and better pets overall.

So take your mutt for a walk today, or better yet, if you don't own a mutt dog, today is a perfect opportunity to go adopt one!


  1. Hello, I saw the last picture of the mutt and I just fell in love with it. Could I use it for a dog roleplaying website?

  2. May I use these images for a roleplay as well?