Monday, August 15, 2011

Chill Out, Relax ...

August 15, 2011 is National Relaxation Day

In such a fast-paced society, dedicating a day for relaxation seems ineffective and almost imposing on the things that you need to accomplish for your job, school, and everyday life. But it is probably more necessary than you know.

People push themselves as far as their limits will allow, causing them to become stressed, rigid, and tense. This can be harmful for both your physical and mental health.

Release your built up stress and negative energy by getting a professional massage, taking the day off from work, or just simply sitting down and putting your feet up for a while. However you choose to celebrate National Relaxation Day, it will be the most important thing that you with your day!

On National Relaxation Day, take a momentto enjoy life

If you’re spiritually inclined, spend some time reflecting, praying, and meditating. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Jake!!  # 13!!

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