Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Watermelon Day

Talk about a great topic in early August with the hot, hazy and humid days – there is nothing like finding a nice shady tree, a cool breeze and a water melon that has been sitting on ice for a couple hours!  Getting out the big knife to slice yourself a piece or two – sit down on the ground with your pals, eating that delicious , sweet, cold watermelon and spiting those seeds – always trying to outdo your last one.

A mid-west bred and raised fella who learned some of the finer point in life while growing up with the influence of my grandparents, aunt, uncles, parents, cousins, siblings and friends – with memories that have lasted for decades.  My kids and grandchildren have also shared in the family tradition.

On Granny’s farm, there was always fresh fruit and veggies, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fish a plenty for everyone.  They were not any holidays necessary – just a time for the family to gather – enjoy our time together, eat good food and have fun!

So stop by the local produce market – farmer’s stand and pick yourself a good watermelon, put it on ice for a spell – invite others or just enjoy it yourself.

Thump it.  If the watermelon sounds hollow (if you hear a dull thump/thud), the melon is usually ripe.

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