Monday, August 1, 2011

This week on Keeping it Simple - August 1, 2001

Welcome to this week at Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO) on the first day of August.

Life often provides us challenges when we least expect them.  Case in point yesterday – my router died – and my internet access – my life line to the world.  After calling my provider who insisted in running the same trouble shooting steps I had already taken – finally agreed the router was dead.  A new router is due to arrive Tuesday morning.  So this morning I am having my breakfast at Silver Diners in Fair Lakes, VA –using their Wi-Fi to prep and post today’s articles - thank you.

The hot days of summer are upon us in North America and July has been exceptionally brutal for most folks with triple digit heat and high humidity.

We will continue our focusing on Safety throughout this month as we have done in July. Our first article will be Kids in Hot Cars – where last year set a new record high of kids dying in cars – it is hard to believe that folks will leave their children in the cars along – regardless of the weather conditions.

Diane and I have been busy working on several articles for this first week of the new month on some really good topics: Breastfeeding; Children’s Eye Health and Safety; Immunization awareness; Internet Safety guide for parents; and several fun and interesting topics.

Thank you again for your continued support, readership and comments.  We truly enjoy hearing from you.  

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