Wednesday, August 17, 2011

National Soft Ice Cream Day - Yummy

By Diane Forrest,

What a great treat for such a hot day!  Did you know that Soft Ice Cream, or Soft Serve, was invented in 1938 by J.F. "Grandpa" McCullough and his son Alex McCullough, future co-founders of the Dairy Queen?   Of course it makes sense to me because Dairy Queen is the first place I think of when I think about soft Ice Cream.  I wasn't aware it had been around so long though.  I wasn't introduced to it until the late 70's.  I was amazed at how they made the little curl at the top of the cone.  Then on top of that they would dip it in chocolate syrup that would harden and make a shell!  It didn't take a whole lot to impress me back then.

The difference between soft serve and dipped ice cream, besides the obvious, is that soft serve is dispensed from a machine.  It is infused with more air, and this allows it to have the soft texture, and whiter color.  It also allows for a better taste.

When my son was in school, when I would pick him up I would take him by Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone, or if he had to go to the doctors and get a shot, or anytime he needed a special treat.Now not only can you get soft serve ice cream, but also frozen yogurt.  I’m not gonna say too much about that, just in case there is a frozen yogurt day in our future. 

But today, on National Soft Ice Cream Day why not have a treat for yourself, its even better when shared, so if you have a child or grandchild nearby, take them out for a cone too.  It will be a nice day to make some great memories!

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