Tuesday, August 2, 2011

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Could there be any more perfect treat on a hot summer day than a delicious Ice Cream Sandwich?  You have Ice Cream, and a chocolate cookie and smile on your face.

Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich day.   An ice cream sandwich is a slice of ice cream, commonly vanilla although other flavors are often used, sandwiched between two wafers, usually chocolate and rectangular.

Pictures taken from the Jersey Shore in 1905 show that Ice Cream Sandwiches were popular then and sold for 1 cent.  The current form was invented in 1945 and was sold at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Since that time there have been other variations of the Sandwich.  Mainly with the wafer.  Chocolate Chip cookies and Ice cream sandwiched between oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate, and crispy marshmallow wafers are used along with different flavors of ice cream. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches are also popular in other countries such as Australia, Singapore, Wales, England and Scotland.

My favorite way to eat an Ice Cream Sandwich is to let it get a little soft, then lick the ice cream around the edges.  Then I mash the wafers down until more ice cream oozes out.  I continue this process until the wafers are flat against each other and I have licked off all the ice cream.  Then I gobble down the wafers. I always like to eat layered things a layer at a time, to make it last longer, and irritate family members...which is always fun.

So on this hot August afternoon, treat yourself to an ice cold Ice Cream Sandwich in honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich day and remember the summers of your youth, or make some new memories.

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