Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Bullying Prevention Month 2012

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By Terry Orr

The End of Bullying Begins with Me: that’s the message during National Bullying Prevention Month in October.  It’s a time when communities can unite nationwide to raise awareness for bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach and education.

Bullying can be defined many ways, but most see agree that bullying has occurred when:
  • The behavior hurts another person in a physical or emotional manner;
  • The harmful actions are willful and intentional; and
  • The targets of bullying have trouble ending the behavior and defending themselves. (Source: Common Ground)

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We have all seen and all too often on the wrong end of a bully – and quite frankly it is not any fun and downright dangerous at times.  My experience happen in high school at the hands of twin brothers – took almost a year to put an end to that. No one should have to endure that sort of treatment.

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Did you know that more than 16,000 students in the USA stay home each day because they're scared of being bullied? This October PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) draws attention to the problem of bullying that affects many disabled children and young adults. By drawing attention the organization hopes to raise awareness to the fact that more needs to be done to tackle the issue. (Source: National Awareness Days).

The Washington Post has a good article by Lamar Tyler who finds out one of his children has become a bully.  It is an interesting read – please click on the link below to read the full article.

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Intimidation is another form of bullying and there seems to have at least one person who thrives on intimidating others in every organization and dealing with them is tricky at best.  Now I personally do not react well to either – and the last time I encountered this situation - it resulted in my early departure of the project that was ending.  In the business world – sometimes stuff happens and really very little one can do about it -  in my case, just moved on to something new to work.  But remember, there are resources available to help deal with bullying and intimidation.

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