Friday, December 21, 2012

The First Christmas Light Sale

Sparkle, the Christmas light.
He hangs on the Christmas tree.
When Santa comes he shines real bright,
Just so Santa can see.

By Diane Forrest
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Several years ago a man in my Sunday school wrote this song, and made some Lights to sell along with it, called Sparkle the Christmas Light.  You can hear the song here:  .  At this time of year there are many Christmas lights around towns and neighborhoods.  Some people have really gone all out, decorating their homes and having the lights flash to music.  But...did you know that today, the first Christmas lights were sold.
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Before the lights, people would use candles to light their Christmas trees.  This proved very hazardous, and caused many fires. Christmas lights were too expensive for the average person; as such, electric Christmas lights did not become the majority replacement for candles until 1930. Since the invention of electric lights...they have gone through many transformations.  There were some bulbs that had liquid in them that would bubble once they got hot.  I found a set of these and placed them along my mantle one year, but have misplaced them and haven't used them since.  There are also the older brightly colored bulbs that could be replaced individually.  Several years ago, my son made a necklace for me out of these bulbs in Sunday school, and I still wear it to this day.  The lights used these days are led lights.  They are inexpensive, and last a long time.  I use them on topiaries beside my front door all year long.
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So today, as you look at the lights around you, think about how lucky you are that they were first sold today, and you don’t have to worry about candles catching your tree on fire!

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