Thursday, December 27, 2012

Card Playing Day

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By Diane Forrest

I love playing cards; in fact, some would say I'm a Spades Junkie.  I would spend hours at a time playing spades online.  However, since they changed the format on the site I play on; I haven't played in a while.  I still play solitaire most every day on the program on my computer.
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I have always grown up playing some type of card game.  That was before video games were invented.  I played Old Maid, Go Fish, War, Crazy 8's, Uno, then I moved on to games like Spades, Poker and Solitaire when I couldn’t find anyone to play with.

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Today is Card Playing Day.  If your kids are out of school and you still have family in town visiting, but don't have anything to do, break out a deck of cards and play some of everyone's favorite games.  It’s a great way to spend time together, and form bonds, and interact with your family instead of playing a video game.  It’s a free source of entertainment, and doesn't require batteries!

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