Thursday, December 6, 2012

National Cotton Candy Day – 2012 Update

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By Diane Forrest

On Halloween this year my church hosted a Fall Festival for the community.  It was held at the property soft ball field, and all around the sides there were different booths and activities for the kids.  As you entered the field, around the fence on the left you started at the popcorn machine, then various carnival games, some large blow up balls that you would get inside and walk, some jumping rooms, but near the exit the crowning glory was the cotton candy machine. As I walked near the machine, I noticed the large swirls of pink fluffy stuff being spun on paper cones.  The workers were also being covered with the sweet sticky stuff too!
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Every since I was a young girl I have always been amazed at cotton candy.  How a cup full of sugar could be spun into fluffy colorful clouds and the warm sweet stuff would just melt in my mouth.
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In 1897, a machine was invented to produce cotton candy by a Dentist named William Morrison - I guess he needed to find a way to drum up more business.  His machine was introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.  It was called Fairy Floss, and a box cost 25 cents!  In today's prices that would be 6 dollars.
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Today is National Cotton Candy day.  If you don't have a fair or carnival visiting your town, you can find some in your grocery store or candy store.  It is sold as "fluffy stuff" and made by tootsie roll of Canada LTD.  So today celebrate your childhood and grab a bag, just don’t forget to brush afterwards!

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