Saturday, December 15, 2012

Boston Tea Party Day

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By Diane Forrest

In the 1700's the Europeans discovered a fondness for tea, however, it was not grown in Europe, and had to be imported from India.  England began to run low of their supply of tea because of the 7 years’ war, so King George decided that in order to replenish the supply, and to cover additional costs, he would place a tax on the American Colonies.  Well, Parliament didn't appreciate the tax on their tea, which was being obtained through England, then sold to the colonies.  So they decided to find their tea elsewhere, which was illegal at the time.

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The Whigs, the political party at the time...decided to hold a strike, and stop drinking tea all together.  Then the King passed the Tea Act.  This made the patriots furious, because it was done in secret, so they took a stand.  On December 16, three ships entered the Boston Harbor and the Boston officials refused to return it.  That night, colonists boarded the ships, and began to throw the tea in the harbor.  Some of them even dressed as Indians to prevent being recognized.   This angered Parliament, and they issued more acts against the colonies.

The colonies rebelled, and in 1775 the Revolutionary War began near Boston.  Historians suggest that had it not been for the event of the Boston Tea Party, the America's would have remained under British rule for quite some time. The uprising was caused by a series of unfortunate events on the side of Bostonian s caused by British oppressors. It all started from the love of tea.
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Today, we recognize the men who took part in this historic event that changed the course of history and our country as we know it.  I think it is amazing that a cup of tea would start a war and free us from British rule, so today, have a nice cup of tea, or some iced tea, and remember those Patriots to fought for our freedom,

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